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Special Investigations Unit

The Investigative Research Group’s (IRG) Special Investigations Unit is a highly skilled and experienced group of former law enforcement senior executives and experts which can be deployed proactively to protect corporate assets, market share and public reputations through the discreet and effective investigation of the most serious or exceptionally sensitive corporate situations at the executive level.

The Special Investigations Unit members have in excess of 150 years of combined managerial, executive and senior executive law enforcement experience at the municipal, provincial, national and international levels. The members of the team have a wealth of experience conducting high level interviews and interrogations for the most serious of crimes and at senior executive levels of government and in corporate Canada.  Additionally, the Special Investigations Unit's analytical, financial, documentary research capabilities and strategic investigative skills are extensive. In many cases, members of the Special Investigations Unit have been declared experts at the provincial and superior court levels of jurisdiction. The team’s expertise includes: organized crime; white collar frauds; corporate espionage; multi-million dollar internal thefts; insider banking frauds; narcotics; major undercover operations; sexual assault and/or workplace harassment; staged accidents and mortgage fraud. The Special Investigations Unit is totally supported by IRG’s existing expansive investigative capabilities such as video, audio, undercover and physical surveillance.

The Special Investigations Unit also enjoys considerable experience and expertise at the corporate governance board level and with government managerial audits and reviews. Further, policy development designed to protect corporate assets, reputations, efficient practices and code of conduct standards is a strong suit of the Special Investigations Unit.

The investigative integrity of the Special Investigations Unit is foremost and is unique in the field of private investigations. The client will be professionally supported throughout the entire investigative process, including expert testimony during any arbitration or civil litigation processes that ensues as a result of a subsequent human resource decision. 

The members of the Special Investigations Unit are all accomplished and professional individuals who have the ability to work seamlessly at any level of a corporation’s executive, management or employee workforce. Whether there is a requirement to conduct an investigation to detect unknown persons affecting corporate assets, or the strategic development of situational profiles designed to support human resource decisions, IRG’s Special Investigations Unit is worthy of consideration to conduct an investigation which is discreetly designed specifically for the senior corporate client. 

For more information about our Special Investigations Unit, please contact our Vice President, Business Development, Clifford Strachan.


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