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Phone scam offering a free stay in Marriott 5 star hotel

Toronto Police Pensioners have put the following message out below to their members.

Passed on by a member:

Just wanted to mention that I just hung up the phone in which I received an automated voice message saying "Congratulations, your phone number has been randomly selected as the winner of a free 1-night stay at a 5 star Marriott Hotel.  For details, press "1" now."

I had only just been reading about these phone scams 5 minutes ago and that anyone who presses 1 is basically giving their phone number away to these scammers who can place long distance calls and also perpetuate the scam by using YOUR number to call other people.

Needless to say I simply hung up... This is the 2nd time this week I have received a call from scammers.. the other one was from "Winners International" in which I (supposedly) won 3 million dollars and a Mercedes Benz... This particular one happened to be a live human being on the phone so while he was yammering on in my ear I looked up Winners International online to see it was a scam and proceeded to then tell the guy on the phone exactly what I was reading online...  and "how much was he expecting me to send him using Western Union to claim my prize??"  Funny thing... he hung up on me...

 Scam , scam, scam... best to follow the old rule "if it sounds too good to be true,then it probably is".