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Police in Sudbury issue fraud warning

Be wary of fraud scams when answering the telephone, warns Greater Sudbury Police.

Two fraud scams have recently resurfaced here -- the grandparent scam and the utility disconnect scam.

In both cases, the caller can be very convincing, police warned.

The grandparent scam is a caller who claims to be a relative or calling on behalf of a relative in another country, and needs money to be sent to get out of jail or pay for legal fees due to a crime that was committed.

The callers target seniors and tell them not to mention the call to other family members due to embarrassment.

With the utility disconnect scam, people and businesses are being targeted. The caller claims to be from a local utility company and threatens that unless a payment is made immediately, their service will be cut off.

The victim is provided with a toll-free number to call with payment information and advised not to call the utility company.

The Sudbury Star