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Send This Instead


They say that love won't last forever…but you can bet whatever you put on the Internet will. It's a tough lesson that many people, especially youth, are learning the hard way. Recently, two OHL hockey players received 15-game suspensions for making degrading sexual remarks to women online. Their case illustrates what we continue to warn people about; reckless use of mobile phones and the Internet. All users of personal/digital devices must be careful…and parents have a key role to play and you must monitor your kids' activities. The Internet is public and it's permanent…there is little room to make a mistake and hope to ever have it "corrected".  "Sexting" has led to too many deaths and heartache for victims and their families.

Once you post something online it's out there, in cyberspace forever. You're not getting it back. Careless posting and text messaging are problems for adults but cause even greater concern when children are involved. There is a new free App called "Send This Instead". It provides "alternative messaging" you can send to somebody who asks for an image of you. "Send This Instead" was developed by the OPP Child Exploitation Unit which was part of my command before I retired.  They are truly an amazing team and kudos to Joseph Versace for developing the App.  It's another tool to assist in keeping your kids safe; through providing alternatives to sending images of themselves on-line.

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